About Us

ScentWorld is produced by ScentWorld Events, LLC, an offshoot from the venerable Scent Marketing Institute. The Scent Marketing Institute, founded by Harald Vogt, was the official voice of the scent marketing industry and authority on scent marketing for the past decade.

ScentWorld Events has built upon the Institute’s foundation and has extended its mission even further. We continue to present the most current research and strategies on scent marketing at our annual ScentWorld event, and we are now including multiple types of sensory marketing in addition to scent marketing and making this information more accessible to brands in hospitality, retail, consumer goods, healthcare, real estate and many other industries.

Our mission is to be the premier resource of information on scent and sensory marketing so that brands can easily find strategies, practical ways to implement sensory techniques and sensory strategists and solution providers.

At ScentWorld, the premier scent and sensory marketing event in the world, we bring together brand executives, top scent and sensory marketing researchers and thought leaders  and solution providers for an informative, fascinating and practical  immersion in the subject.

Access to valuable sensory information continues throughout the year, as all attendees and participants in ScentWorld automatically are enrolled into ScentWorld’s proprietary Knowledge Bank, which is updated all yearlong as well as the monthly ScentTrends e-newsletter and Scent Marketing Digest blog.

Jennifer Dublino, VP of Development for ScentWorld Events, runs the organization’s day-to-day business. For questions about scent and sensory marketing or the ScentWorld event please contact her at Jennifer@scentworldevents.com.